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  • Brookings, SD
  • March 11, 2021


Living life to the fullest

 Internal Support Coordinator

Job Description

REPORTS TO: Director of Support Coordination & Medical Services


Our Mission

          We offer opportunities for people to live their lives to the fullest.

Our Goal

ADVANCE strives to achieve person centered excellence for every individual that receives services. We believe that each and every staff member is an essential piece to help us achieve that goal.

Essential Piece

This position helps achieve that goal by being a support staff. As a support staff in Support Coordination this position helps each individual ensure their supports are correct, being followed and allow for each person to have the life they have chosen.

The purpose of this position is to make sure ADVANCE has the best practices in the area of supports. This will include writing supports, follow up and correction as needed, attending ISPs, regular contact with state entities, working as a team with external Case Managers, data entry, google docs usage, meetings with individuals supports, being the contact for each individual’s team and coordinating services between departments and in the community.  


1.         Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in a Human Service field and 2 years’ experience in field of Developmental Disabilities preferred.  

2.         Required Certification and/or Licensure: Valid driver’s license and be capable of being covered under agency insurance. Must be 21 if full time driver. Must pass pre-employment drug screen & background   check.

3.         Internal Training Required: Staff orientation. Other training requirements include, but not limited to:  Medication Administration Course, and a variety of Intranet & In-House Training.



1.            Lift, transfer, or move inanimate objects weighing on an average of 1-50 pounds with/without any assistance.

2.            Sit, stand, walk, bend, and lift during working hours. Ability to move intermittently throughout the workday.

3.            Ability to read, write & speak English to the extent that s/he is able to understand verbal & written instructions as  well as able to give verbal & written instructions.  The ability to communicate with other staff to the extent  necessary to perform the duties of the position of employment.

4.            Possess valid driver’s license and personal vehicle for use in performing work-related activities.

5.            Use tact, discretion, initiative and independent judgment with in established guidelines.

6.            May be exposed to infectious diseases, odors, dust, etc. throughout the day.

7.            Ability to multitask and complete tasks in the midst of frequent interruptions and imposed deadlines.

8.            Work well and maintain composure in stressful high pressure situations. Exercise sound judgment in situations  requiring immediate decisions (emergencies, incidents, etc.)

9.            Willingness to take initiative, adapt to circumstances and work independently.

10.        Ability to maintain positive relations with staff, people supported, and the general public.

11.        Rapidly assimilate and utilize new skills and knowledge.

12.        Ability to participate as a team member in order to plan, organize, develop and implement goals, supports, policies and procedures.

13.        Possess knowledge of the field of disabilities, its practices and procedures, and the laws, rules, regulations and guidelines pertaining to its operation.

14.        Ability to plan, organize, develop and implement goals, objectives, programs, policies and procedures.

15.        Is subject to flexible hours including split shifts of varied days and times including mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends depending on program needs. Routinely works in a variety of settings inside or outside the home and throughout the community.

16.        Possess knowledge of modern office equipment, methods and computer equipment as well as common office software, such as email, word processing, spreadsheet and database.

17.        Attend all mandatory training and staff meetings and pass with the level of competency defined by ARSD.




1.         Routinely works in a variety of settings inside or outside the agency.

2.         Is subject to working flexible hours including split shifts of varied days and times including mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends depending on program needs.

3.         Has regular contact with people supported, staff, family member and the general public.

4.         Maintain confidentiality of all information.

5.         Possess knowledge of the field of disabilities, its practices and procedures, and the laws, rules, regulations and  guidelines pertaining to its operation.  

6.         Ability to implement any therapeutic intervention as required.

1.          Assist as needed during mealtimes.   
2.         Assist with restrooms, bathing and chancing needs.
3.          Perform oral hygiene care.
4.         Provide hygiene assistance to people supported whose bodily fluids are visibly contaminated with blood.
5.         Assist with laboratory blood work/draw or collecting specimens.


1.          Respect the rights and dignity of each person and ensure their confidentiality is protected.

2.         Schedule and facilitate internal team meetings involving representatives from each aspect of a person’s services.

3.         Assign, assist and track the completion of required assessments.

4.         Write specific supports for individual plans, including those for highly restrictive procedures, rights restrictions & restoration plans.

5.         Research and obtain programming items and adaptive equipment.

6.         Coordinate with the Case Manager a Master File for each person that includes social/developmental histories.

7.         Participate in discovery and planning meetings.

8.         Review plans written by the Case Manager and provide feedback as needed.

9.          Provide assistance to team members in areas of assessment, implementation of the plan and monitoring of progress.

10.       Liaison with the Case Manager.

11.       Perform quality assurance duties including on-site reviews, file reviews and documentation reviews.

12.       Assure the implementation of all policies, procedures and record keeping systems related to Personalized Plan Development.

13.       Ensure that services plans for people meet all requirements and standards of governing rules and regulations and all appropriate agency policies, procedures and record keeping systems.

14.       Ensure the rights and provide advocacy to people supported by ADVANCE.

15.       Coordinate the reporting procedures of rights violations in accordance with agency policy and procedure.

16.       Monitor plan progress, concerns and update the Case Manager as the person’s goals change in a timely manner.

17.       Assure the development, maintenance, security and privacy of people supported records.

18.       Cooperate in a continuing process of obtaining and implementing best practices, state-of-the-art principles and technologies that may enhance services.        

19.       Assure compliance with all applicable State and Federal rules governing services delivery.          
20.       Establish and maintains positive working relations and open communication with the person supported, Case Manger, ADVANCE staff and other identified person’s.

21.       Assist in the management and organization of service delivery systems.

22.       Monitor funding expenditures of eligible people supported.



1.          Ensure documentation is completed according to ADVANCE policies and procedures, in a thorough and detailed manner.
2.         Report and document allegations/observations of abuse, neglect and exploitation according to ADVANCE policy and procedure.

3.         Communicate effectively with supervisors, team members, agency staff, and Case Managers to ensure continuity and equality of services. This includes:

             ◊ Changes in supports/services in the personalized plan.

            ◊ Significant changes/concerns in a person’s life, e.g. financial, employment, living arrangement, etc.

            ◊ Medical concerns, illnesses and injuries.

            ◊ Concerns expressed by family members, guardians, landlords, neighbors or the general public.

4.         Ensure all necessary paperwork is collected prior to team meetings and ensure follow-up/paperwork is completed in accordance with the Personalized Plan.

5.         Follow all organizational policies, procedures, and record keeping systems related to program development.

6.         Respond to all correspondence received within the prescribed time lines, and maintain information as appropriate.

7.          Return phone calls in a timely manner.

8.          Participate in Support Coordination meetings and other meetings as directed.

9  .        When there are complaints, disagreements or issues of concern, follows appropriate chain of command and grievances procedures.

10.       Cooperate with organization and the organization’s attorney as necessary.

11.       Complete all required forms and reports for financial assistance correctly and timely.

12.       Develop and maintains internal working relations with other ADVANCE components and outside resources.

13.       Assure the effective coordination with all other departments towards the goal of efficient and effective  services to each person assigned to caseload.




1.         Knowledge of agency programs, policy, procedures and record keeping systems related to administration, staffing, and maintenance.  

2.         Maintain all employment standards, required training or licenses.

3.         Participate in periodic agency program evaluations. 

4.       Attend all required training sessions to: increase skills and knowledge; to meet all accreditation standards and rule requirements; improve quality of services; share information with other staff as appropriate.

5.         Participate in continuing development following policy and procedure.

6.         Establish and maintain positive working relations and open communication with people supported, families, ADVANCE staff, Case Managers and other individuals associated with ADVANCE.

7.         Participate as a team member and offers suggestions, voices concerns, and provides information regarding programs.

8.         Develop and maintain relationships with other agencies and providers within our services area.

9.         Provide information and updated department reports for supervisory review and strategic planning, as  requested.

Every effort has been made to make your job description as complete as possible; however in no way is it stated or implied that these are the only duties you are required to perform. Other related duties necessary to meet the needs of the organization may be assigned to you. In addition, your scheduled hours of work may change due to program needs.  

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