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This includes sub teachers, sub teaching assistants, and sub behavior technicians.

$105 per full-day
$52.50 for half-day
Pay is on the 21st of the following month (example:  all September sub jobs are paid on October 21st payroll)

The substitute responsibilities are:

Follow the daily schedule of the regular teacher to whom you have been assigned and adhere to his/her specific lesson plans
Report to the office immediately if there are no lesson plans available for you
Perform all responsibilities for the person you are subbing for, including recess and bus duty
Become familiar with all aspects of classroom procedures and school policies
Review the safety plans for the specific classroom you are in – they are located by the door to the classroom
Notify the office/nurse immediately should a student become ill or has an accident
Notify the office immediately if disciplinary assistance is needed
Consult the secretary for supplies not available in the room
Report damaged equipment and materials to the office
Dress properly (follow the example of the school’s staff) and be carefully groomed
Be signed into the office by the time your shift starts
Return to the classroom from your lunch break on time (if full day)

At the end of the teaching day, the substitute should:

Ensure all students have been released as planned
Leave the teacher’s desk and room in order
Turn off lights, close & lock doors, close windows
Leave keys and materials in the office (if applicable)

A substitute teacher should recognize that he or she will benefit by:

Maintaining all student information confidentially
Avoiding discussion and comparison of situations in one school while serving in another
Avoiding comments on the progress of pupils or the work of the teacher
Making all observations, suggestions, or criticisms to the principal of the school involved
Using discretion in expressing personal reactions and opinions about what is seen and heard in the classroom
Conducting themselves in a professional manner at all times

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