Housing in Brookings, SD

You will find a wide variety of rentals and housing in Brookings for families, couples, students, young adults and retirees. Historic bungalows, Victorian two-story houses for sale, contemporary lofts, updated apartments with many amenities, and modern new developments perfect for families are just a few options for any budget. We have several options for searching real estate listings and rentals in Brookings, SD.


Median Home Values

Data source: Census 2012-2016

Brookings, SD $164,500

Sioux Falls, SD $161,500

Rapid City, SD $166,000

Omaha, NE $139,800

West Des Moines, IA $195,500

Minneapolis, MN $212,800

Chicago, IL $225,200

Why I chose to start a business in Brookings:

“Moving back to Brookings was an easy decision. There are familiar faces everywhere and so much support of our small business from the community! After graduating from SDSU, I moved away only to realize that Brookings was where I belonged. I moved here, started a business here, have friends and family who live here, and even taught classes at SDSU. I’m so proud that Hitch Studio helps contribute to the downtown experience as well! It’s a charming community that I love calling home.”

Renee Bauman
Co-Founder, Designer, Event Stylist
Hitch Studio, Brookings Downtown Business of the Year 2015

Relocated from: Sioux Falls, SD
Resident since: 2013

Why I chose Brookings for my family:

“After graduating from SDSU and starting a career with Daktronics, I became caught between college life and my friends starting their families.  After 3 years of feeling in limbo, I took an opportunity with Daktronics to move to Seattle.  During my 11 years out west, I was able to experience big city living, I met my wife, we had our son and my priorities started to adjust.  When I needed a job change and a position became available back in Brookings, I was hesitant to make the move. I wasn’t sure how my family would relate to Brookings and I was nervous that I would have the same feelings as I did after college.  Almost immediately I realized I had nothing to fear.  Brookings was exactly the community we were looking for to raise our family. I am back involved in sports, there are tons of activities for our son and there is even a wonderful art community for my wife, Jessie.”

Heath Rasche
On-Premise Segment Manager

Relocated from: Seattle, WA
Resident Since: 2012

How I found a career "I Love" in Brookings:

“My husband started working with a family member and that resulted in us moving from St. Paul, MN to Brookings, SD.  And I was able to find a wonderful position (that I love!) as the Executive Director of the Brookings Convention & Visitors Bureau, utilizing my education, training, and background in marketing.

While there are reservations in any move, I can confidently say we have both been extremely pleased with our transition to Brookings.  Brookings has provided a great professional and career environment, as well as a safe, welcoming community to raise our family in.  In fact, surprising to us, we felt a strong sense of community within only year or two of moving to Brookings and engaging in both work and organizational activities.”

Jennifer Johnson
Executive Director
Brookings Convention & Visitors Bureau

Relocated from: St. Paul, MN
Resident since: 2012

How I found multiple job opportunities in the Brookings community:

“We moved to Brookings for my first, full-time job after college graduation and I am truly grateful for the multitude of opportunities that have since followed. Since 2011, I have worked across marketing departments at Daktronics, South Dakota State University and now the Swiftel Center. I would never have imagined there would be such variety and available positions in a community the size of Brookings. I have been able to grow my professional skills and expand my network of peers so quickly and I attribute it to the innovative spirit and vibrant energy of the Brookings professional community. This community pushes people to be successful and to find fulfilling careers in Brookings!”

Kristina Lankow
Sales & Marketing Manager
Swiftel Center, VenuWorks

Relocated From: Moorhead, MN
Resident Since: 2011

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