Housing in Brookings, SD

You will find a wide variety of rentals and housing in Brookings for families, couples, students, young adults and retirees. Historic bungalows, Victorian two-story houses for sale, contemporary lofts, updated apartments with many amenities, and modern new developments perfect for families are just a few options for any budget. We have several options for searching real estate listings and rentals in Brookings, SD.


Median Home Values

Data source: Census 2012-2016

Brookings, SD $164,500

Sioux Falls, SD $161,500

Rapid City, SD $166,000

Omaha, NE $139,800

West Des Moines, IA $195,500

Minneapolis, MN $212,800

Chicago, IL $225,200

Contact Us

Brookings Economic Development Corporation

2301 Research Park Way, Suite 113
Brookings, SD 57006
Ph. (605) 697-8103

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